Mud, sweat and tears

The following is a piece that was sent into Keepitonthedeck.

"My team hasn't played a game in six weeks.  How am I suppose to keep them interested"

That time of the year, players go weeks without any football games due to unplayable surfaces.  On the rare occasions, the pitches are playable the surfaces are poor!

Pitch hire costs are extremely expensive at our club each year.  Without light available in our own facilities we are forced to pay out for rental of astro turf facilities.

Getting kids to training can be difficult on the cold wet nights, poor weather diminishes the kids enjoyment of the game after all.

The league we operate within (SFAI) are refusing to give summer football a try in spite of recommendations by the FAI technical director Ruud Dockter.Those in positions of power have a duty to all our footballers to give them the best possible platform that allows them to enjoy the game and prosper.

Summer football would bring:

*Reduced costs for clubs (Lighting and training facilities)
*More people attending games (Good weather)
*More games on a consistent basis (Games being called off)
*Better playing surfaces.
*More light and better training conditions would extend contact hours for players (developing players more)

Please give a few seconds to add your name to the following petition if you support the call for summer football.