Keepitonthedeck - Court Case Statement

Hi everyone,

My name is Derek Kavanagh owner and founder of Keepitonthedeck social media and website,

I have run the Keepitonthedeck Social Media and Website platform for the past five years online in the hope that it would help people and be a useful means for people to share knowledge online for the good of the game.    

For the past five months Keepitonthedeck has not been allowed to operate as frequently as it had been previously. This was due to a court case brought against me by two individuals by the name of David Berber and Darren McGrath who together with David's uncle Charles McEvoy attempted to claim ownership of all Keepitonthedeck social media and website for a company they are involved with.  The court case took up an extortionate amount of my time and greatly impacted on the running of Keepitonthedeck.

MR Berber and MR McGrath, two experienced business men opened a court case against me claiming that I had agreed to give over control of Keepitonthedeck social media and website to a company they are involved in, they were permitted to do this with no contracts or any evidence whatsoever of such agreements.  Astonished at their claims and that they be permitted to take such an action I was forced to defend myself legally.  

I believe these individuals suspected I would not have the means to defend myself via a court process and it is my belief they assumed without a means to defend myself they would get away with their actions and be allowed claim ownership of Keepitonthedeck social media and website in order to monetize it and sell product.  

I was not happy with any of this and shocked with the actions, with due consideration of what was being attempted I decided to take out a substantial family loan to defend myself for the past five months before the courts.  I can confirm that on June 16th 2017 having spent in excess of 22,000 euro of a family loan to defend myself that I won my case and Judge Linnane before Court 22 Aras Ui Dhalaigh dismissed MR Berber's and Mr McGraths attempts to claim ownership of the Keepitonthedeck social media and website and also awarded me an order for costs which to date MR McGrath and MR Berber have failed to pay.  

I will continue to run Keepitonthedeck social media and website in the hope of allowing coaches globally continue to share and help share knowledge as has always been the case until now.  Having experienced a valuable lesson online I will also release a full press release in the coming weeks containing all the details of my experience over the past five months in the hope it can act as a warning to others who may come across a similar case.  This press release will also contain a valuable warning for people in relation to illegal activity of two well known companies who have been stealing the personal information of people online.    

I hope by making this public the lessons I learned about website and social media will act as invaluable information for others who come across individuals that attempt to claim ownership of their sites. 

In the end justice was served and I won my case, I hope that my story when I present it can save other people from going through the experience I have had over the past five months,

When this press release is made any sharing would be greatly appreciated,

Your's in sport,

Derek Kavanagh (Owner of Keepitonthedeck)