Drills/Exercises of the week edition 6

This week we take a look at no fewer than eight videos featuring drills/exercises from around the globe.  Something for keepers, players and coaches from teams of all ages below.

First up is some exercises from Levante that incorporates the ball into some coordination work.

Exercise two this week is from Joner1on1footballtraining.  These exercises are all done within a triangle.  Simple effective set up.

Exercise three this week comes from FC Schalke.  The exercise is designed to work two players through five zones.  In each zone the two players must win possession of the football in order to progress to the next zone.  Each zone contains a 2 vs 2.  

The fourth exercise this week is an exercise designed to work on screening a progressive pass forward.  

Exercise five this week is a simple exercise for young players designed to improve volley pass technique.

Exercise six this week is a speed and agility exercise that includes the ball.

The seventh exercise this week is a video for goalkeepers focusing on a Dynamic Physical Circuit.

The final exercise video of the week comes courtesy of the Uefa Training ground and is designed to improve players feinting technique.