Training Session Plans - FREE

First up is a finishing practice from Atletico Madrid.  Players will pass into target goals or play a return pass depending on the coaches call before turning and finishing from different angles on the 11 aside goal.  Video below.  

Next up is an activation circuit from Ömer Faruk Mahir.  Players complete activation movements which are mixed with some technical base ball work.  

Next up is a 2v1 possession practice as seen performed at the training ground of Hoffenheim.  One neutral player plays from a zone into a zone filled with a 1 vs 1.  Focus on movement to receive.  

Next is some example power work from the training ground of Schalke 04.

Next up is a 5 vs 5 plus 2 possession practice from the training ground of Real Madrid first team.

Last up is a 10 vs 10 game practice with a high offside line marked out to encourage a high press.