Mo Salah - From Humble Beginnings

For the kids of Nagrig the legend of Mohamed Salah is very real. His former school was renamed in his honour, and if you talk to pupils there, you’d think his story was part of the curriculum. One such pupil, 13-year-old Osama Eid, tells the story of Salah’s rise to fame. “He’s very respectful and kind,” he says, “and well-mannered and does a lot of work to help the poor.”  That admiration and respect is widespread for Salah who is a national hero in Egypt.  What was the rise like for this humble man? where did it all begin and what path has he traveled to stardom.  A recent channel 4 doccumentary gave a superb insight into all of the aforementioned questions and it makes for a brilliant watch.  The doccumentary is available below along with some fantastic bonus content.  Enjoy!