Graeme Souness Slates Paul Pogba Last Night on TV

The video down below features the latest rant from Graeme Souness targeting Manchester United superstar Paul Pogba.  

Souness speaking on TV3 Ireland said "Where I question him about whether he will ever be a top player is his understanding of the game. He's a central midfield player. This is not me being an ex-Liverpool player caning a Man Utd player. When he was at Juve, I thought the same,".  He went on to say "You've spent €100m on a player and you're going to accept that he can do only certain things that a midfield player should do. For €100m you should be getting someone who makes the difference in big games, he's yet to do that. He's not got a game by the scruff of the neck and been the dominant force and made the difference in a really big game yet.  I see him scoring goals against lesser teams, doing things against lesser players but for €100m you are buying the finished article, someone who is going to dominate the big games and win you the big games.  What would be most disturbing for me, if I was a United supporter, the basic understanding of the position, he hasn't got. I don't see that improving."

Agree with the comments or are they to harsh?  Check out Pogba's individual match clips below from the game.