Drills/Exercises of the week (Edition 1)

We kick this weeks edition of Drills/Exercises of the week off with an excellent adaptation of the rondo by Catalan Elite football.  This exercise is known as the "Double Rondo" and is designed to encourage patience in possession whilst attempting to play forward.  Movement and supporting runs are other key factors that make up this exercise.

Description:  Set up two playing zones.  One player defending per zone.  Fill one zone with three attacking players thus creating a 3 vs 1, the opposite playing zone contains one attacking player.  Ball will begin in the zone with 3 vs 1, the attacking players will look to play forward to the lone attacker in the 1 vs 1 zone.  If they successfully play forward two attacking players join in that zone to provide support. Let's take a look.

Next we take a look at some excellent 1 vs 1 ball manipulation exercises from Hertha Berlin.  The exercises are designed to work the players both from a defensive and attacking aspect.  Transition is included within each exercise, this challenges the players reactions to recover or respond quickly when possession is lost or gained.

Description:  Players begin facing each other, the defending player passes to the attacking player to begin play.  The attacking player will attempt to score in either goal, the defender will look to prevent the attacking player from scoring.  If the defending player wins possession roles are reserved.