Individual Training & Non Opposed Training

Here at Keepitonthedeck we received a message from a coach which got us thinking.  In that message the coach in question wrote the following quote  "Hi lads, first a thank you for your time and effort providing this resource.  I would like to offer some advice.  A lot of content you are posting involves no opposition and is closed practice which means there is no decision making in the drills.  I appreciate the page but sharing non opposed sessions with no decision making is a waste of time and misleading for some of the new coaches, the game has moved on. If there is no decision making in the practice then it is not purposeful game realistic training".

We absolutely respect each and every opinion sent our way and this one really got us thinking. Having read a lot of comments on the page from coaches implying similar opinions  we now wonder where this modern opinion that every single part of training must involve opposition and decision making in a game like practice is coming from.  So let's be clear here, we absolutely understand and agree that game like practice involving decision making and problem solving should absolutely fill the majority of a training session, however to completely rule out any practice of technical base/non opposed practice is very questionable. 

Let's take individual training for example.  Non of this is opposed practice and no decision making involved unless in the case of some buddy training sessions.  The quote that "If their is no decision making in the practice then it is not purposeful game realistic training" would suggest individual training would be pointless?.  With all due respect that is complete rubbish talk in this opinion.  Anybody who suggests closed practice individual training is of no benefit simply is judging without having experienced the results of this.  Take for example a kid who has never kicked a ball in his life.  If you throw that kid into games and expect him to develop all the attributes required within that game the likelihood is that he quits playing football after a short period of time.  Now imagine starting the kid from basics, teaching him the skills required to experience success during closed practice where he is guaranteed time with the ball and more touches, the kid will improve and everyone enjoys improving and experiencing progress.  Does a Basketball player need to be training with opposition in order to improve his accuracy or footwork?  Does a boxer have to always be in a fight to improve his skills, footwork and stamina?.

It seems that in now days some coaches and some associations are trying to educate that closed practice/drills are a waste of time and should not be done, these are the people who say training should be only game like practice.  We must state that we do agree most of the sessions should involve game like practice, but to rule out any form of drill/practice that allows a coach assess and correct technical base when it's tested or challenged specifically without excuse for the circumstances of a game like practice is complete rubbish in our opinion.  The great man said it best and we leave you with his quote.