Leeds United & Marcelo Bielsa Documentary

Unique Approach

Is sixty three year old Marcelo Bielsa the man to bring the glory days back to Leeds United.  Bielsas coaching approach to sessions is very interesting, but for fans perhaps two other points will sit better with them as examples of the mans unique approach.

1. He cut short his holiday to spend a week watching every single minute of Leeds United's games last year before pre season had even been planned out. He had every member of the squad remaining at the clubs individual clips from every EPL game sent to him to build a player profile on each one.

2. As an physiological exercise he made players spend three hours cleaning up around the training centre to give them an insight into working three hours outside of football, Bielsa figured that three hours equated to the time and work it takes fans to afford a ticket to a home game, he wanted players to understand how hard these fans work to sit and watch them play of a Saturday.

Fascinating Doccumentary

Below is the fascinating documentary by Sky Sports Football giving a great insight into the approach of Marcelo Bielsa early on at Leeds United.