The Greatest Roy Keane Tribute Ever Made

From his home in Mayfield County Cork to the Theatre of Dreams.  Prepare to witness a Roy Keane tribute video to remember.  

If you appreciate the talent that was Roy Keane the video below may just make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up or bring a hint of tear to the eye of those who realise a footballer like this is irreplaceable.  

You don't have to be Irish, a fan of Manchester United, Cobh Ramblers, Nottingham Forest or Celtic to have appreciated the talent that was Roy Keane.  Sadly 99% of tribute videos online now days dedicated to the Mayfield county Cork native portray him as a "Hacker", "A hard man", "A kicker" or a "Warrior" to give just some examples of the words being used to describe the influential Irishman.  Why is his undoubted ability and game intelligence almost always overlooked in tribute videos?.

Roy Keane and Sparky enjoy their Charity Shield victory

Roy Keane and Sparky enjoy their Charity Shield victory

In the video below we remind football fans and educate young footballers who were not blessed to have witnessed Keano as to how talented and all rounded he was during his illustrious playing career. Stuart Pearce, a former team mate of Keane once said "Sometimes I found myself looking around to check if there was two of him on the pitch".  Roy Keane was a well rounded footballer with an engine like you've never seen before, a discipline and quality in his passing coupled with an aggression, leadership qualities and a ruthless will to win that gave him the edge.

The video contains footage that will not have surfaced on the internet until now.  This is not your common internet upload tribute with the recycling of old clips that everyone has already seen.  This is Roy Keane "The Magic Hat".

Sit back and enjoy and share to any young footballer or football fan who can truly appreciate the qualities that make up a World Class Footballer.  

Shout out to artist Myles Gaffney who agreed to feature his song "Keano" at the beginning of the video.  Myles is a very talented artist with a host of great songs that are well worthwhile checking out.  Click the image below for more.