Xavi Simons FC Barcelona Wonderkid

This article features a brand new video of FC Barcelona U13 captain Xavi Simons and a write up focusing on the talented youngster's impressive recent display's at the Academy Cup 2016. 

Brand New Video:  This is phenomenal to see from a thirteen year old kid.

Rightly or wrongly FC Barcelona U13 skipper Xavi Simons is a name many will have heard about already.  An attempt by Chelsea Football Club to bring Xavi to London in 2015 shot this talented young footballer into the media spotlight.  The hype online since is there for all to see with many videos and write ups available to view online.  What is it about this kid that is attracting so much interest at just thirteen years of age?  We were fortunate to witness this kid and his side in action at the recent St Kevins Boys Football Club Academy Cup played in Dublin, Ireland and the answer to the aforementioned question became clear during the course of that weekend.


Recently Keepitonthedeck posted  individual match clips of Xavi in action vs tournament hosts St Kevins boys, that video can be viewed below.

The video was met with mixed reactions.  Many people posted comments claiming that there are thousands of players like Xavi Simons across England and hundreds of thousands more throughout the World.  Is this true? maybe so, Xavi Simons at his age now is obviously a very talented and intelligent footballer but as many of the posts suggested who is to say there are not many other kids out there with equally as much if not more potential.   Here is the thing though, football goes beyond ability alone, yes this kid has ability in abundance but it’s Xavi’s character that caught our eye on the weekend of the Academy Cup and for us helped to explain exactly why this kid is currently regarded as one of the best known U13 prospects around. 

One moment in particular from the Academy Cup weekend helps to paint the picture of Xavi’s character best.  It’s Saturday morning and the full time whistle has just blown at game six of the Academy Cup.  Barcelona has just been beaten by tournament hosts St Kevins Boys by one goal to nil.  At full time Xavi can be seen walking off the pitch inconsolable; the kid is absolutely distraught and sits into the dugout away from view of those around with his head held in his hands, his team mates also looked upset as they stand waiting for their coaches to return from shaking the hands of the opposition bench.  Less than a minute passes and Xavi jumps up from the dugout calling his team mates around in a circle.  The Barca skipper begins his post match speech, we couldn’t understand a word of it but we certainly felt it, the passion and way in which he was speaking seemed to focus those around him.  Three hours later Xavi and his team mates took to the pitch in a semi final vs Lyon and his influence on that game right from the warm up is something we won’t forget seeing.   A very talented Lyon side couldn't cope with Xavi or his team mates as they got over run, the game ended 5-0 in favor of Barcelona, a game that seemed to be already decided in whatever Xavi had said in that team talk, he set a tone, standard and led by example on and off the field.  Ability and intelligence brings you a long way in football but it’s character that decides your faith.  This is a kid who has all three of those and if he remains fit, healthy and carries on progressing as he is the future looks very bright for FC Barcelona and their young captain Xavi Simons.