Spanish International Study Visit - 10 FREE Session Plans

Below you will find session plans and notes taken at a recent study visit to Spain.  The sessions come from the underage international set ups.  

Spanish FA Session Study Visit (Dimensions included on each image)

Spanish FA Session Study Visit (Dimensions included on each image)

Session 1:  Breakout Possession
Instruction:  Two teams look to complete a set amount of passes before breaking out into a 1 vs 1

Session 2:  League system

Instruction:  Players are challenged and had fun throughout

Session 3:  Playing through the thirds

Instruction:  Teams look to play through each section in order to score a goal

Session 4:  A 4 vs 4 plus 4 neutral players possession. 

Session 5:  Small Sided Game

Session 6:  1 vs 1 Set Up

Session 7:  Passing Triggers

Instruction:  Team keep possession and look to score by passing into the corner zones.  1 point for ten passes.  5 point for corner zone pass.

Session 8:  Recovery runs pressuring quick finishing.
Instruction:  Two players attempt to prevent the attacking player from scoring.

Session 9:  5 vs 3 possession
Instruction:  One team chasing to win the ball are only permitted to send 3 players into the possession zone.  Two players remain looking to intercept in the central zone.

Session 10:  3 vs 1 overload with 2 recovery runs.  Focus on quick play and decision making during overload.
Instruction:  Attacking players breakout into a 3 vs 1 but are closely followed by 2 recovery runs.