Emotions Impact Performance

Whether your a footballer, coach or maybe your just a sports person looking for tips to improve his or her game, this piece gives interesting food for thought.  We take a look at how and why emotions impact on performance.  

To understand how emotions effect performance we need to understand the emotion known to us as FEAR!

Fear produces negative thoughts and negative thoughts directly impact on the confidence of a sports person. 

Because winning is extremely important in competitive sports fear often manifests itself in the need to succeed or the need to perform well.  Athletes fear of failure and their fear of not performing well, be it on a sub conscious level or at the forefront of their mind is a very common fear.  So how can athletes combat the effects fear has on performance?

The key to blocking out fear or negative thoughts that impact performance is our energy, enthusiasm, body language and beliefs.  Athletes that are full of positive energy, excitement, relish every challenge are always the ones that outperform their negative and fearful counterparts.  Confidence has a direct response to performance.....STOP AND FOCUS HARD TO TAKE THAT IN ONE MORE TIME....Confidence has a direct response to performance.  If you fear an opponent or opposition then that is very likely to impact on your own performance levels significantly and this will directly make it much easier for your opponent to compete.  

"Play the game not the name".  No matter what sport your in, if you focus on the things you do well and wash away all negative thoughts with excitement, enthusiasm and belief then your performance levels will be all the better for it week in week out.