U11's Manager Sacked Because of 25-0 Win

Serrano's B's U11's team have sacked their manager following a 25-0 victory over Valencia based club Benicalap C in Spain.  According to reports the manager who remains unnamed for legal reasons has begun legal proceedings against club in circumstances that this case has been brought into the public eye.  Pablo Alcaide who helped to run the team made the following statement "We encourage respect of our rivals, and after the fallout over the result, we felt the coach should step down".  The manager has refused claims he was disrespectful to the opposition and via his lawyer has made his stance clear...(continued below)

Daniel Revenga who is the lawyer of the sacked manager made the following comments on his clients behalf.  "At no point did he encourage his players to increase the score...on the contrary, he told his players to stop pressuring the opponents.  But Benicalap C who had no substitutions, continued attacking and left too many spaces".  (Continued below).

One source who has asked to remain anonymous defended the manager who had been sacked from his role.  The source added "Benicalap C  are no stranger to high scoring defeats.  This season they have no points, this was their final league game of the season, a season they have conceded 247 goals".  

Keepitonthedeck would love to hear coaches thoughts on this via Facebook and Twitter.  Is it proper order to sack this volunteer based on the result?.  Last year Barcelona showed us all how it should be win or lose...