FUTSAL - Time to Stop Talking, Start Playing!

Did you know when compared to an 11 aside football game that a futsal player touches the ball on average 600% more often.  For years now the promise of futsal has been discussed worldwide, most agree this game has huge potential to help develop more intelligent technically gifted footballers yet it seems in the majority of nations a major PR push to promote the game among 11 aside coaches and footballers has for the most part failed to materialise.  

Recent scientific studies indicate that talent is grown in the brain.  We know that myelin grows through challenge and repetition.  The more we find struggle and challenge the more myelin will insulate brain signals.  A full myelinated neuron operates at a signal speed of 200 miles per hours.  An unmyelinated neuron operates at 2 miles per hour.  What does this mean? it means the more you practice something, the quicker and faster your reactions and responses to carry out actions will be.  What better game to practice the fundamentals of football than Futsal?  a game that demands challenge in tight spaces, a game that demands players to constantly find solutions with split second decisions.  Have a listen to the video below from the 12th minute on to understand the aforementioned more.  

Brazil has been the bench mark for producing technically gifted intelligent footballers for years.  Interestingly most Brazilian footballers play futsal competitively until 12 years of age before joining the 11aside game.  Most people will agree futsal has huge potential to improve footballers, science also now agrees.  The time for more action is long overdue.