Competition - World Cup 2018 Predication

Keepitonthedeck is giving away ten football coaching PDF'S to anyone who can correctly predict the winning team and top scorer at World Cup 2018.  To make this competition fair all entries need to be entered in the entry form below.  Winners will be emailed their prize after the final game.

It wouldn't be fair to ask for predications without Keepitonthedeck putting out an opinion in public first.  People will say typical of this site, but Keepitonthedeck is placing it's faith in Argentina this summer led by the legendary Lionel Messi.  An argument exists amongst football fans nowadays that Lioenl Messi cannot be titled 'The greatest of all time' unless he wins the World Cup.  This argument doesn't make sense given that the World Cup is a collective award and not an individual trophy up for grabs.  How can someone and their individual ability be defined by an award upon which he is relying on so many to achieve it with him.  With that said some memories appear to be short and many people forget that Messi came within inches of winning the World Cup last time out.  An extra time defeat to Germany eight minutes away from the game heading to penalty kicks was potentially all that stood between Messi and silencing that ridiculous logic that he must win the World Cup to be regarded as the best ever.  

It is likely that a potential Quarter Final clash with Spain will put many people off a punt on Argentina but given their heartache in 2014 and the struggles they faced to qualify this time around you just get the sense an Argentina side slated by many sections of the media will be headed to Russia with a point to prove.  Keepitonthedeck is backing Argentina for World Cup glory this summer with Messi to capture to top goalscorer award.  Leave your predications in the entry form below.


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