Pep Guardiola - Monday Night Football Special

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Guardiola joined Gary Neville on a special edition of Monday Night Football this week and reflected on this season, he also discussed the future and some interesting insights into his coaching philosophy.  

Guardiola, who is yet to commit to a long-term deal with the club, challenged his Manchester City players to become a 'big team' and win back-to-back Premier League titles.  

"Winning one title, a lot of teams have done that, it's not exceptional. To be a big big team in England or in history you have to win more," said Guardiola. 

"It's one of the most satisfying titles. But I am from Barcelona and that is my club so winning the first league there was also so special - "we did it". Now I have that feeling as well. I don't know what is going to happen in the future but we will always remember together that we did it here in England."

The Premier League is Most Important

When asked by Gary Neville on the MNF special whether he'd rather win the Premier League again or the Champions League, Guardiola said: "Premier League. No doubt. "It will be a huge mistake to think: 'OK now we have the Premier League, we are now going to go for the Champions League instead'. Big mistake. "The Premier League is the most important thing."

"Yaya [Toure] is leaving so we have to replace him, and maybe another one.

"One or two more, no more. We cannot invest, maybe people don't believe me but we don't have the money to invest £300m every season."

Best English Team to Watch Besides Manchester City

"Since the beginning I enjoy playing Tottenham. I like a lot how they play. Liverpool is magnificent. I suffer against Jurgen Klopp in Germany. The transition to attack inside is so quick. They learnt a lot from last season.

"Last season Chelsea were outstanding. We learned about playing five at the back, the movement. I think a lot of teams copy Antonio Conte teams.

"Of course Jose [Mourinho] is always a huge competitor. His teams, how they convince them to be their teams, I admire the big quality teams and the qualities they have.

"I like Crystal Palace with [Wilfried] Zaha and other players. I enjoy watching football and different teams and the players they have."

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