Tactical Pad - Exclusive Offer to Keepitonthedeck

Calling all coaches and footballers, if you are looking for a software that allows creation of video sessions, video analysis, tactical sessions and PDF format session plans and more then look no further. Below is an exclusive offer to anyone courtesy of a partnership between Keepitonthedeck and Tactical Pad.  The offer allows anyone to buy Tactical Pad for an exclusive discount rate of 56 Dollars which works out as 52 euro or 46 in pounds.   It gets better!!!!.  Along with your computer software the offer includes another FREE app software of your choice for either iPad, Android or iPhone, normally to the value of 25 dollars which is 20 pound or 23 euro this bonus app comes FREE of charge as an add on to your initial purchase.  Check out the offer in full by clicking the following link, the image below or alternatively read on to view the benefits of Tactical Pad  https://www.tacticalpad.com/tacticalpad/compra.php?ind=kiotd&no-redirect

Tactical Pad is a software that allows the creation of animated sessions like the videos listed below on this page. People who own the software can easily edit animated session plans any way they want and save unlimited sessions to store on their computer, iPad, phone or even upload to the internet, its really easy to use. For just 56 dollars people can even make their money back plus profit by monetizing the videos they create on platforms such as YouTube or on their websites if they want to.

Tactical Pad is a user friendly software that comes with ready made sessions as another added bonus.  If you want a software that allows you create cool sessions and download them to store where you please this is the perfect coaching tool for you.

Other advantages include

1.  Create your sessions and send to your team in advance of training sessions.
2. Create analysis tutorials to improve players game intelligence.
3. Make money off the videos you create by uploading them to a website or YouTube.
4. Create your sessions and store them on iPad or phone to show your team on the training ground how a session will work.
5.  Upload your sessions on social media to help others or help promote your company or business.

These just a few advantages of this first class coaching software.  A big thank you to Tactical Pad for agreeing to make this software available at a cut price with a bonus FREE app to add on for anybody on Keepitonthedeck Facebook page or following via Twitter and YouTube.  Highly recommend this software and very happy to engage in a partnership that can allow coaches or footballers purchase it at a fair price point.  If anybody decides to buy please don't hesitate to share your sessions on Keepitonthedeck Social Media.