Nine Year Old Killed in Juventus Training Camp

The football community had a reminder about the dangers of goalposts at the weekend as nine year old Tommaso Cerase tragically lost his life.

The young nine year old was taking part in a training session at Juventus' New York training complex when the incident occurred.  According to reports the goalpost came apart and fell onto to youngster causing a fatal blow to his head.  The youngster was rushed to the Roosevelt Hospital as medics battled to save his life.  However, despite their best efforts, they were ultimately in vain.

This is the third death in the space of a few months to hit the news, all as a result of goalposts.  

A twelve year old lost his life earlier in the year when a goalpost he was hanging from came apart causing a fatal blow.  

Please be careful and please insure goalposts are checked and anchored down at all times.  These tragic stories need to stop!