Marcelo Bielsa Training Drills

A brilliant opportunity below for footballers and coaches to take or adapt ideas from Marcelo Bielsa who is widely regarded as one of the World's brilliant coaching minds.  The videos include an offensive finishing session with some interesting ideas and progressions, also below is a full rare look at a full training session from his days at Argentina aswell as some videos featuring sessions adapted from Bielsa's coaching ideas.  Great resource for any coaches out there so please pass it on if you know any coaches who would benefit from this piece.

First up is an offensive training session.  Look out for some interesting progression that coaches may get or adapt ideas from.

Next up is a full training session with loads of great drills/exercises to get or adapt ideas from.  Great viewing here. 

The next video features a pressing practice adapted from Marcelo Bielsa coaching philosophy. 

The final video is a passing exercise that Marcelo Bielsa uses regularly.