Mikey Collins

They say talent is never enough in football.  Along the road to the top you also need  luck, dedication and focus, football is a cut throat industry at the end of the day.  One man who can testify to this is Dublin native Mikey Collins.  The former Liverpool FC Irishman has experienced a lot of highs and lows in his football career to date, we caught up to talk about a football journey that has taken him to England, Italy and Cyprus to name but a few destinations.  

Fabian De Marco

You might recognize this man from YouTube.  The inspirational Fabian De Marco has over 500 YouTube videos online in the hope they can inspire and motivate young footballers across the globe.  We recently caught up with this highly motivational Australian coach for a chat to find out more about Fabian and what motivates him.  

Cory Galvin

Setbacks can break so many talented players and destroy careers, one minute you’re on top of the world playing for one of England’s most famous football clubs, then within the blink of an eye you can find yourself without a club and your whole world turned upside down.  Football at the professional level is a business now days, and in a cut throat business it takes mental toughness, ambition and focus to progress.  One such player with both a mental toughness and ambition is Cory Galvin.

Evan Galvin

Cork native Roy Keane is synonymous with football fans not only in his home town, but throughout Ireland and indeed places far afield.  Cork, also known as “The Rebel County” has produced no shortage of internationally acclaimed footballers over the years, Denis Irwin, David Meyler, Liam Millar, Colin Healy, Damien Delaney, Frank O’Farrell and Noel Cantwell are just some examples of players who have gone on to represent their Country at international level.

Meet one of Cork’s up and coming talents who has just embarked upon what he hopes will be a long and successful career, 19 year old Waterford United midfielder Evan Galvin.