Young Referee Attacked

An alleged assault that occurred over the Bank Holiday weekend in County Dublin within the Rep of Ireland has attracted vast media attention.  A young referee by the name of Roy Kavanagh was allegedly attacked and kicked following an U15 schoolboy match by one of the teams coaches.  We got some words from the referee in question Roy Kavanagh who is unable to make any comments via media outlets due to a pending legal case.  Roy was allegedly kicked to the stomach, hand and leg during a vicious assault.  

(An alleged vicious kick caused serious harm to Roy's body)

roy kavanagh referee attacked

A shocking alleged story, a need for change of how some parents/coaches conduct themselves on the sideline of kids football games goes beyond this, this is one of many incidents to reach the media.

(Damaged caused to Roy's leg during the alleged assault)

We asked if Roy could speak about the incident, he responded

roy kavanagh referee

"I can make no comment on the incident Saturday due to a pending legal case, although I am overwhelmed and extremely grateful for peoples support I would ask people respect that I will be following this matter up with the authorities, details and naming of persons involved will be handled by the authorities"

We asked how Roy was feeling since the incident

"I  can make no comment on the incident, however I am left with extensive bruising and I will admit that I am shocked and upset by what happened.  I can't give any details on the incident.  I just hope this can highlight the need to respect all involved in the game.  We all try our best at the end of the day, referees included, it's just a game, these are kids, the referees are human to, there is no need no matter the circumstances to allow frustrations or emotions ruin something so many should and can enjoy, it should be about the kids at the end of the day"

You got up the following day to referee? that's an amazing show of courage, what a hero!

"I don't want to be seen as a hero at all ha, I got up the next day to referee because I don't believe any one person should stop you doing what you love, I had a game and I would never miss a game, I love doing this.  The real hero's are people like the people at Broadford Rovers and Leixlip United football club who I refereed that morning (day after assault) and the people who came to my aid during the incident on Saturday (unable to name club or make comment), there are plenty like them in football!....The people at Broadford Rovers and Leixlip United welcomed me yesterday (day after alleged assault) and saw I was carrying injures, they told me to take my time and if I wanted to abandon the game I could and they would fully understand that, when I decided to continue with the game they assured me there would be no trouble and respect shown at all times.  The game went ahead and was enjoyed by all in the true spirit of football, they even insisted on giving me a lift afterwards, that to me is the stories that should be highlighted, the good in football far outweigh the bad"

Here is the original Facebook post by Roy.

Referee Roy Kavanagh